Skybet opens, then closes, betting on iPad 3 features

Ben Parfitt
Skybet opens, then closes, betting on iPad 3 features

News Corp-owned Skybet last night invited punters to lay down money on what features they think will be included in the upcoming iPad 3.

But only hours after going live, the firm decided to pull the plug.

Bets on offer included whether the iPad 3 will feature a Retina display (1/8), an NFC chip (4/1) or an SD card slot (12/1).

Another more off-the-wall option asked if it would have a carbon fibre backplate (6/5 yes, 8/13 no).

“We suspended betting last night after an immediate run of money on many of the markets,” a Skybet statement given to 9to5Mac read. “Within a half an hour of the markets opening we took a flood of money including a string of very chunky, three-figure bets.

“If the money is correct, then the new hardware will definitely not have a new carbon fibre casing, will not be called the iPad 2S and will have 128GB of storage!”


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