Skyrim update replaces dragons with... My Little Pony

Ben Parfitt
Skyrim update replaces dragons with... My Little Pony

Love Skyrim but think it could do with an injection of cuteness? By gosh, you’re in luck.

An update for the latest Elder Scrolls title, as spotted by Eurogamer, is currently available on SkyrimNexus. Once installed players will find that the fearsome dragons that once tormented the land of Skyrim have been replaced. With My Little ponies.

You can see the mod in action below:


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I believe the term is Mod, not update. As I highly doubt that Hasbro would even consider putting MLP in a game that's meant for the older market.

Andrew Runagall

Andrew Runagall ELITE GAMER
Jan 19th 2012 at 8:19PM

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