‘Slips are inexcusable’, blasts Lucas boss

In an exclusive interview with MCV, Jim Ward claims that many publishers don’t realise that staying on schedule and within budget is equally as important as delivering a good game – and that such practices are damaging the industry.

“There’s an attitude in this industry that says in order to make a great game, it takes whatever time it takes and it takes whatever money it takes, and that that’s okay,” he claimed. “Well it’s not okay – it’s wrong. It’s not okay in other entertainment businesses. In other businesses it’s big trouble.”

“When you have EA failing to bring Superman out with the movie, that’s inexcusable. Moving games like Medal of Honor and Godfather out of the fourth quarter -– that’s the old way of thinking and you can’t do that any more.”

To read the full interview, see today's MCV (15/06).


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