Social gaming rise linked to console decline

Ben Parfitt
Social gaming rise linked to console decline

Social gaming is directly contributing to the global decline in console software sales, new data suggests, with masses of people playing and spending less on core systems in favour of Facebook games.

A survey of 1,400 qualified respondents shows that, contrary to popular belief, 69 per cent of social gamers have access to core platforms such as Xbox 360 and PS3.

Of that group, a third said they expect to play less on consoles as a direct result of the entertainment available on social platforms such as Facebook. Just seven per cent pledged to increase their console gaming habits.

The survey results fly in the face of the conventional wisdom that social and core audiences are factionalised with little cross-over.

Develop has lots more detail on the sotry.


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Interesting theory but I would argue that its more likely that this country is on its knees financially and social gaming is free in most cases or if mobile gaming is your bag you can pick up something to pass the time for a couple of pounds.

Michael Pearce

Michael Pearce INDUSTRY
Sep 22nd 2011 at 2:07PM

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