Social studio Bossa predicts 'horrible premature death' for Vita

Craig Chapple
Social studio Bossa predicts 'horrible premature death' for Vita

Vita will suffer a “horrible, premature death” if it doesn’t open up to multiplatform accessibility, Bossa co-founder Henrique Olifiers has claimed.

Olifiers said that the UK studio would not develop games for consoles because of their closed systems, and believes manufacturers would suffer in the long run if they did not change their stance on interconnectivity.

“I hate the fact you cannot play a game on the PS3 against the same game on the Xbox 360 or PC,” Olifiers told Videogamer. "Valve is bang on, proprietary stuff is madness, we should be moving to more open platforms, to interoperability, bringing everyone together.

“If this is not the motto for the big console manufacturers, not only will we not be there – they're likely to die a horrible premature death, the kind of which I think the Vita will suffer from.”

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what can i say... theyre wrong. Vita IS sony's entry in to the current generation of portables.. and will be for the next 3-6 years till them and ninty bring out something new.. even if sales were poor they would still keep supporting it.. and also even when the psp wasnt doing too well, it was still usually selling more than home consoles! il be getting one. already have my 3DS, they said various stuff about that too and look at it now, selling like hotcakes!

Paul Arkz

Dec 16th 2011 at 5:02AM

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Someone forgot to take their anti-stupid pills this morning. Being a closed system is a reason why it will sell, to play with friends. Closed systems haven't hurt the other systems, why should it affect the Vita.

The only reason the PSP was a failure (software wise, not hardware) was the massive scale of piracy. This shouldn't be a concern here, atleast for a while, due to all proprietary cards.

Phil Evans

Dec 16th 2011 at 9:25AM

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