Sony condemns pre-owned market

Following the news that several publishers are investigating ways to restrict or prevent the sale of used games (MCV 9/12), Sony has now also condemned the practice.

“The blame for heavy discounting of current releases can be laid at the door of the pre-owned market,” SCE UK’s commercial director Kevin Jowett (pictured) told MCV. “When consumers see pre-owned titles for £10 or £15, this fosters the perception that this is the realistic price for all games, and the new release roster looks unrealistically priced.”

Despite this, the firm is still confident that its Platinum range of budget PS2 titles is still viable and will not be subject to any imminent price cuts.
“Platinum offers gamers a cheaper way to buy games with a proven heritage,” Jowett added. “A Platinum release is an assured-quality title, whereas a discounted release may not meet these same exacting standards.”

Retail is in a state of flux following the aggressive discounting that characterised the run-up to Christmas, and many publishers feel they must resort to further reductions in an effort stop their titles sliding down the charts.
BVG’s The Chronicles of Narnia jumped ten places up the ChartTrack top 40 last week, thanks to a 16 per cent sales increase, following its slashing to £19.99 at most High Street retailers.

Along with this, titles such as Ubisoft’s Prince of Persia: Two Thrones and King Kong slipped back down to £19.99 at some retailers after recovering back towards RRP immediately after Christmas.


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