Sony DADC champions direct-to-consumer service

Ben Parfitt
Sony DADC champions direct-to-consumer service

One difference Sony DADC says it can offer is a direct-to-consumer postal service for small retailers.

It gives indies – who may be low on stock or tight for space – the option of ordering a product from Sony DADC and getting it delivered to their customer’s door.

“If somebody goes into an indie looking for a game and they don’t have it, this can translate into a lost sale,” says Sony DADC’s general manager Darren Houghton.

“We can deliver direct to the consumer on the retailer’s behalf.

“Also, if someone goes into their local indie and they see a small range of films or music that complements the games, then that may provide the retailer with an additional source of revenue.

“Sales are critical. We look to do anything to increase revenue.”

To read the full interview with Sony DADC, click here.


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