Sony dismisses Vita launch fears

Christopher Dring
Sony dismisses Vita launch fears

PlayStation says it is impossible and dangerous to judge PS Vita’s UK launch on its ‘slow’ start in Japan.

Despite selling some 325,000 units in its first weekend, Vita fell behind PSP and 3DS in Japan during its second and third week, which sparked a string of negative reports in the mainstream press.

But PlayStation’s European boss Jim Ryan is unfazed. “One of the things we have learnt over a long period of time, is that whether it is PS1, PS2, PSP or PS3, it is dangerous to the point of impossible to take any experience from the Japanese market and try and extrapolate it, and propose upon what will happen in Europe or North America.

"Not withstanding the fact that it is just way too early to make any conclusions. The markets are now just so different, I actually think they are diverging to a greater extent than they were different in the past – if that’s even possible.

"It is impossible to draw any meaningful conclusions of the Japanese launch in the context of what will happen in Europe. We are more focused on our stakeholder reaction, whether that is specialist press or the reaction from retail.  The key task of allocating the supply that we have to the considerable demand, and just ensuring everything is in place for February 22nd."

Read more in MCV's exclusive Jim Ryan interview in this week's MCV magazine, or check back to tomorrow.


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"PlayStation says it is impossible and dangerous to judge PS Vita’s UK launch on its ‘slow’ start in Japan." agreed but after the 3DS and psp go I find it bizzare that sony have price its over £200. its almost £300 for the 3G model I cant see it shifting the numbers it will need to that that price. Also £40+ a game to expensive imo.

Bren Adams

Jan 12th 2012 at 12:50PM

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I have to admit I believe the price point for the PSVITA is a little too high. If they could bring the 3G model to £229.99 and the base model for around the £179.99 (the same price the PSP launched at) mark then that would be more attractive to consumers. I have a concern that after selling 1 million or so units in the UK to hardcore sales will take a nose dive.
In saying that I think the device is a beautiful bit of kit which has a brilliant software lineup. I wish Sony all the luck in reaching its sales forecast. I do really hope the device sells well, (I have my pre-order in already).

David Salman

David Salman INDUSTRY
Jan 12th 2012 at 4:05PM

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When I worked it out last night, the 3G model with a 16gb memory card a cary case and five games - it came to over £500! I'm personally going to wait for the price to drop a bit before picking one up.

Lee Smith

Jan 12th 2012 at 5:15PM

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