Sony drops 20GB PS3 reports that the $499 20GB PS3 is to be discontinued in the US as the 60GB machine has proved to be by far the most popular choice with gamers.

“This is based purely on consumer and retailer demand, which favoured the $599 60GB model ten to one,” SCEA PR boss David Karraker told Next-gen. He added that the decision “Supports the notion that consumers are willing to pay more for advanced technology in a gaming console.”

Karraker moved to re-assure existing 20GB PS3 owners – and even took a swipe at rival Microsoft.

“Current 20GB consumers will still be 100 per cent supported with software and services, since all PS3s have the same basic architecture (unlike if MS were to stop selling their Core system, which would allow publishers to actually use their hard drive for gaming purposes, leaving the Core user out in the cold).”


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