Sony fully adopts Online Pass system

Ben Parfitt
Sony fully adopts Online Pass system

Publisher Sony has confirmed that all future SCE Worldwide Studios game will require the buyer to use the in-the-box Online Pass code to access online functionality.

Destructoid obtained the confirmation following news that next month’s PS3 release Uncharted 3 will adopt the Online Pass system.

As usual, those who buy a pre-owned version of these games will have the option of buying anew Online Pass from Sony to access the blocked features.


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Dont really fit into the free online your supposed to get when you buy a ps3, especialy since sony get all the money from the console and other deveopers dont but still dont all charge for an online pass. Also purchasing a ps+ account should really make users exempt from this.

Its a little bit disgusting to be honest, apart from COD sony AAA games sell more than most others (god of war, killzone, uncharted and gran turismo to name a few) so its not like there not making millions from their releases.

Personally this makes me want to buy uncharted 3 pre-owned, i dont like uncharted online and will get it cheaper now so it saves me money to spend on premium copies of BF3 or MW3 that use incentives to encorage first hand buys (map packs, social features such as cod elite)not punish those who need to trade in to generate cash for future purchases.

Allen Smith

Allen Smith STUDENT
Oct 4th 2011 at 10:06AM

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