Sony: ‘Gamers want HD console MMOs’

James Batchelor
Sony: ‘Gamers want HD console MMOs’

Gamers want to play MMOs on high-definition consoles, Sony research has found.

The platform holder made its claim ahead of the release of DC Universe Online, which debuted at No.10 in the GfK All Formats Charts this week.

MMO gaming has traditionally been the domain of PC, with games such as World of Warcraft generating astronomical revenue for publishers.

But Sony says its customers have told them that they want to play massively multiplayer online games in surround sound and on HD screens.

“Consumers don’t just want the MMOs on their home computers,” said senior product manager Ian Vinten.

“There is demand for the playing these games on the PS3 in the living room using high definition TVs and surround sound setups. When you combine this with the pull of the authentic DC experience written by comic industry heavyweights such as Jim Lee, Geoff Johns and Marv Wolfman, we’re confident success will follow.”

DC Universe is on PS3 and PC, and Sony is backing the game with a long-term marketing push.

Vinten added: “We will promote DC Universe Online with a heavyweight online campaign at release, and will provide marketing support throughout the game’s lifecycle.”


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