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Sony offered to help make Vita version of Titanfall

Ben Parfitt
Sony offered to help make Vita version of Titanfall

A version of EA shooter Titanfall was at one stage proposed for PlayStation Vita.

That’s one of many revelations in Geoff Keighley's recently released documentary The Final Hours of Titanfall, as reported by GameSpot.

Apparently after hearing of the specs for Xbox One Respawn got in touch with Sony to try and ascertain the PS4 specs. Says the site: “Sony was not willing to talk specs yet and instead offered to help Respawn make a PlayStation Vita version of Titanfall.”

Respawn admitted in October that the decision to make the game and Xbox exclusive was taken without its knowledge – a move EA described as a “tactical opportunity”.

Rumours last month suggested that EA has already agreed to publish Titanfall 2 on Xbox One and PS4.


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