Sony: PS3 pad was not ‘last minute’

Despite claims to the contrary by senior figures at rival Nintendo, Reeves told MCV that Sony had been working on the controller long before details of the Wii controller were revealed at the Tokyo Games Show last year.

“We’ve had a positive reaction to the controller and obviously some people have asked if it's a last minute thing,” said Reeves. “It’s not - it’s been planned for around two and a half years."

"If you have a device that includes 50 or 55 patents, you can’t reveal it, as someone will try to file a patent to stop it. We have already had some positive feedback on it from publishers.”

Reeves went on to outline Sony’s hugely ambitious plans for its next-generation console and the industry at large.

"The name of the game is not market share, it’s how fast we can grow the industry – our ambition is to grow 15 per cent a year on hardware and software if we can,” added Reeves.

“We want to try and double digital entertainment in the next five to six years. Whether we have 40, 50, or 60 per cent market share is not that important.”

Read the full David Reeves Opinion and Analysis piece in today’s issue of MCV.


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