SONY: Q-Games go retro with PixelJunk SideScroller

Aaron Lee
SONY: Q-Games go retro with PixelJunk SideScroller

Q-Games are launching a new side-scrolling shooter on PSN this summer.

PixelJunk SideScroller is based on the unlockable stages from PixelJunk Shooter 2, and sees the series going for a deliberately retro look.

The game features a complex and dynamic fluid simulation system, which fills the game world with flowing liquids and hazardous gases, while putting a new spin on arcade shooters.

Like the Shooter games, fluids, react in real-time to your actions and to other liquids, creating unique and exciting situations.

The goal is to reach the end of each level, while gathering coins for points and protecting yourself from the barrage of enemy attacks.

Online rankings and YouTube support are also promised.

PixelJunk SideScroller arrives this summer on PSN.


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