Sony unveils PlayStation 3

17 May 2005 By Matt Martin
Sony Computer Entertainment has unveiled the PlayStation 3 to the world at its annual pre-E3 conference, with an expected release of spring 2006.

The PlayStation 3 will use Blu-ray discs as its standard media format, which can hold up to six times as much data as current DVDs. It will also be backwards compatible with PlayStation and PlayStation 2 software, support current DVD and CD media and feature slots for a Memory Stick Duo and Compact Flash cards. The PlayStation 3 will also feature a port for a detachable 2.5-inch HDD.

“Empowered by the Cell processor with super computer like performance, a new age of PlayStation 3 is about to begin,” said Ken Kutaragi, president and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment. “Together with content creators from all over the world, SCEI will accelerate the arrival of a new era in computer entertainment.”

Multimedia features include Internet access, video chat, digital photo viewing and digital audio and video support. The PlayStation 3 can also be linked to two HDTVs to display at 32:9 widescreen, or with separate functions split between the two screens.

The PlayStation 3 will support up to seven controllers using Bluetooth, as well as featuring Wi-Fi connectivity for the PSP and a further six USB slots for peripherals.

Publishers already pledging support for the PlayStation 3 include Bandai, Capcom, Electronic Arts, Koei, Konami, Take 2, Namco, Sega, Square Enix and Ubisoft, with more to be announced over the coming days.


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