Sony: We will fix PS3 hack

James Batchelor
Sony: We will fix PS3 hack

Sony has vowed to defeat the renewed surge of people breaking through the security measures built into the PS3.

Having successfully breached the console last year, hacker George Hotz has shared his knowledge with the public earlier this week, enabling the creation of custom firmware.

Sony has traditionally been quiet on the issue, but now has spoken out on its determination to quash this threat completely, according to Edge.

“We are aware of this, and are currently looking into it,” a Sony spokesperson told the magazine. “We will fix the issues through network updates, but because this is a security issue, we are not able to provide you with any more details.”

However, one of the hackers responsible claims the PS3’s security measures have been completely broken and Sony is powerless to reverse this.

Speaking to the BBC, he said: “The complete console is compromised – there is no way back. The only way to fix this is to issue new hardware. Sony will have to accept this.”


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