Sony’s PSP finally hits the UK High Street

Several stores across the nation opened at midnight, providing those who have been eagerly waiting the chance to get their hands on the £179.99 machine at the first possible opportunity.

HMV’s Oxford Street store was amongst those that greeted feverous crowds at the midnight hour. “The launch went very, very well,” HMV’s Gennaro Castaldo told MCV.

“There were around 500 people queuing including families and youngsters. One man had even been waiting since midday. At the last moment we got an extra 500 units from Sony so we were in the fortunate position of having some machines left over for the queues that awaited our stores this morning as they opened all over the country.”

Sony’s machine launched with a strong software line-up, including the likes of Wipeout, Ridge Racer and Virtua Tennis. A range of UMD movies and music videos were also released and are joined by the huge assortment of PSP accessories that have been appearing in stores for the last few weeks.


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