Soul Calibur heading for Wii

Successful 3D fighting series Soul Calibur is scheduled to receive the Wii treatment courtesy of Namco Bandai, the Japanese publisher and developer has confirmed.

Soul Calibur Legends will depart from the series’ traditional one-on-one fighting approach to offer a more action-adventure related experience.

The title will reportedly take advantage of the Wii’s motion sensing controller by allowing players to yield the remote like a sword. Though little is known of the game as of yet, it is said to boast large number of enemies and spectacular bosses.

The Soul Calibur series, which started off with the 1995 arcade title Soul Edge, has to date sold over nine million units worldwide and has appeared on platforms including PlayStation, Dreamcast, PS2, Xbox and GameCube.

So far no release date for Soul Calibur Legends has been confirmed.


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