Spielberg and EA working on Wii title

Spong reports that Neil Young, EA's LA studio manager, has claimed that Hollywood movie legend Steven Spielberg is working on an exclusive-to-Wii title for the publisher.

Young stated: "We're working on a new project for the Wii. It’s very exciting and interesting. Steven's in the studio once a week, usually from one to four hours. It's a very close, collaborative relationship – he's a wonderful guy, incredibly creative.”

Young also let slip some details of Speilberg’s second EA project, though the format remains unknown: “What I can tell you is that it’s what you'd expect from a Steven Spielberg production. Steven's stories are intimate stories that take place around huge, world-changing events.”

Three games were originally announced as part of the Spielberg-EA collaboration, though nothing is yet known of the third project.


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