Square Enix announces Crysta currency

James Batchelor
Square Enix announces Crysta currency

Square Enix has announced Crysta, a new online payment method for Europe.

The billing system is already used in Japan and allows consumers to pay for subscriptions and security tokens in the publisher’s online games.

The first title to use Crysta in Europe will be Final Fantasy XIV, which launches tomorrow with the special edition. Players will be able to buy Crysta in a variety of preset amounts: £5, £10, £20, £30, £50 and £100.

“The introduction of Crysta is an exciting step for Square Enix,” said Square Enix Europe president and chief executive Phil Rogers.

“Our business is actively looking to create new online entertainment and deliver high quality content and services and having a safe and simple payment method is an important part of our online strategy.”


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