Square Enix’s new mature label

Ben Parfitt
Square Enix’s new mature label

As part of Square Enix’s continued focus on titles and content suited to Western markets, the company has announced a brand new publishing label under which it will market such titles in Japan.

Called ‘Square Enix Extreme Edges’, the branding will be used on titles such as Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days which, historically, are a tough sell on the Japanese High Street.

The label will be used for releases carrying a CERO D (17+) and CERO Z (18+) rating, though as Joystiq points out, Square Enix to date has never published a CERO Z title.

Square Enix already has history of success with such titles in Japan, having last year published Activision’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 in the territory. They’re not the only ones, either – Capcom has previously released Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto IV in the country.


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