Star Wars: Old Republic release date brought forward

Ben Parfitt
Star Wars: Old Republic release date brought forward

It took an age for us to actually get a release date for Star Wars: The Old Republic, and now EA has brought the game forward in Europe.

Joystiq reports that BioWare’s MMO will now be released in Europe on the same day it arrives in the US – December 20th.

That’s two days earlier than the previously announced release date of December 22nd.

Subscriptions for UK consumers will cost £8.99 per month, which incidentally is exactly as the same as Blizzard charges for World of Warcraft.

Three months will cost £25.17 and six months £46.14.

US and European subscription prices are as follows for the same three tiers - $14.99/€12.99, $41.97/€35.97 and $77.94/€65.94.


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