Start of a new Era-gon

MCV sister-site Mobile Entertainment reports that in addition to the mobile game, the Sierra publishing unit of Vivendi Games launched Eragon PS2, Xbox 360, PSP, Nintendo DS, Game Boy Advance and PC, all released simultaneously with the 20th Century Fox movie in December.

In France, VG Mobile created an ad with Vivendi-owned operator SFR which was shown directly after the PC/console ad. The company also ran an extensive cinema campaign in Spain with Telefonica, including billboards featuring both PC/console and mobile games.

In Greece, VG Mobile teamed with Vodafone and re-branded bars at several cinemas with direct calls to action for downloading the game.

Frederic Tibout, VP of marketing & sales at VG Mobile, said: “Our co-operation with Vivendi Games and 20th Century Fox has brought maximum exposure to our partner carriers. Being able to tie a mobile game into both a console release and the cinematic exhibition of a film has shown tangible uplift in sales. It’s something we aim to do on more projects going forward."


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