Steam sells all THQ games for £26

James Batchelor
Steam sells all THQ games for £26

Steam is offering its users the chance to buy every THQ title currently on the service for £26.

The deal, spotted by Rock Paper Shotgun, is one of many seasonal deals the digital distributor is running in the build-up to Christmas.

The pack includes all games, sequels and expansions from the Red Faction, Full Spectrum Warrior, Company Of Heroes, Titan Quest and Dawn Of War franchises, as well as Frontlines: Fuel Of War, Saints Row 2, STALKER and Juiced 2.

Individually, these games would cost consumers a total of £210 to buy, but the package price comes in at £52.99. With the additional 50 per cent from Steam’s Early Holiday sale, the whole bundle is reduced to £26.50 – a saving of £183.33.


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