Stringer: “We’re studying PS3 price”

Ben Parfitt
With the rumour and speculation surrounding Sony’s high price point for its PlayStation 3 console continuing, Sony CEO Howard Stringer has admitted that his firm is currently looking at the issue.

Next-Gen’s Kris Graft reports that in a video interview with the Financial Times, Stringer stated: “PS3 pricing is what we’re studying at the moment. That’s what we’re trying to refine.” He went on to add that Sony intends to answer the price cut question by Christmas.

And on the issue of Nintendo Wii, Stringer refuted the claim that Nintendo’s machine is outselling PS3 because it is ‘more fun’, insisting: “I think I would be the first to say to you that Nintendo Wii has been a successful enterprise and a very good business model compared to ours because it’s cheaper," he added.


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