Stuntman 2 speeding to summer release

Since its debut in 2002, former Atari franchise Stuntman has laid dormant – but THQ has confirmed that the series is to return this summer on 360, PS3 and PS2.

Developer Paradigm Entertainment is currently working on the stunt-themed racer ahead of its next-gen re-birth. The new version is said to include 25 vehicles, including cars, motorbikes and hovercraft. It will also feature online multiplayer.

"Stuntman: Ignition delivers an addictive blend of death-defying stunts and precision-based driving unlike anything seen before," said Dave Gatchel, Paradigm Studios’ general manager. "With an action-packed career mode and intense online multiplayer, gamers will have plenty to prove to become Hollywood's next big stuntman."

For those not familiar with the game, Stuntman tasks players with navigating a pre-determined obstacle course in as spectacular a fashion as possible, all in the name of capturing the perfect action sequence.


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