Supersonic start for games & retail firm

Backed by former movie mogul Mark Maitland, the new publisher is planning to unleash a multimedia blitz that takes in gaming, movies and downloadable web content.

“I’ve worked in the film industry for a number of years, and I know it really well. Because I’ve got these connections, we’ve got a number of IPs which can be turned into games and games that can be turned into films,” Maitland told MCV.

“We’ve got over 20 films signed, and we’ve got two Xbox games lined up. One will be released in August and the other will be before Christmas. We are looking to develop many of the films into computer games – I can’t tell you what they are but they have got strong media connections and the developer has links with Hollywood through working on previous projects. It’s a major commercial release. We’ve also got PC titles on the way, a mix of full, mid and budget price releases.”

“We’ve got major plans for our website under the Supersonic banner,” added Maitland. “There’s going to be films on demand and a games section, which will feature budget and full price titles to download. There’s one really major release in particular that we’ll be offering as a download.

“No-one’s ever done this before, so we’re not looking to take on the big guns in either industry, we’re doing things our own way and developing our own strategy.”


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