Tabloids report on ‘death by Game Boy’

The front page of today’s Daily Mirror features the headline ‘Killed by his Game Boy’ and reports that seven year-old Connor O’Keefe was electrocuted while unplugging the charger for his Game Boy while on holiday in Thailand.

The Sun, Daily Mail, Daily Express and The Daily Telegraph have also reported on the tragedy which occurred on Saturday, adding that the handheld console and charger were bought in Thailand as a Christmas gift.

The boy’s parents have since denied claims by local police that Connor handled the power lead while still wet from swimming.

The boy’s mother Kathleen Curry said of the incident: “He wouldn’t mess around with plugs and he definitely was not wet. There should be some warning about the different electrical currents you get abroad.”

But the hotel’s manager Wiraporn Ungathakorn told The Sun: “The water must have gone straight into the plug and the safety cut could not save him.”

Thai police say they have completed their investigation of the hotel, which had been repaired and upgraded since the Tsunami two years ago, and found that the establishment was not at fault.

Police Lt. Colonel Sopol Borirok added: “No blame has been attached. It was an accident.”


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