Talk of trade shows must be constructive

Talk of trade shows must be constructive
Something important has happened. This change is impacting people’s businesses. All of a sudden the thought of company-specific events only is not as attractive to retail. They offer much, but are they beginning to fall short in other ways? It’s not a dig, it’s just, well, an inconvenient truth, to coin a phrase of the moment.

Least we forget, business is about people. Competitive or otherwise, it’s about groups of people meeting, communicating and doing business. It’s about teams creating a common view or consensus on which a business acts. This view is created through things like the week in LA. Create a plan; work the plan. Pretty simple really.

It is then supported by 12 two-day trips to various UK and European destinations.
But despite what the world may like to think, the people out there on the front line want some mature debate about a UK and/or Euro trade show.

The world changes and so do trade shows. And you know what? It will change again, next year or in two or five years. The interesting thing about E3 is that the audience never went away. It’s grown and grown, to the point of discomfort. The exhibitors called for an event with less of a cost and more of a focus on selling. Pretty reasonable really. Pretty damn inconvenient too.

It was a great place to meet people, make new contacts, do business, form opinions. We don’t have it anymore, well not as we knew it. Where am I gonna go to explore the marketplace, to understand, to get context and comparison?

So, where are we? Retail wants to network as much as you. They do have to spend days out at numerous events, but no matter how important, or glam, they do not complete the picture and eat up something like 24 days per retailer attendee per year. That’s five working weeks, give or take.  
Okay, the trade show format of old may have moved on. The format is irrelevant in that sense, but people in retail and throughout the industry like to see games in context alongside each other.  
Maybe it’s time to change for a little while?


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