Team Meat: We don't f**king care about piracy

Dominic Sacco
Team Meat: We don't f**king care about piracy

PC and Xbox 360 download hit Super Meat Boy may have been heavily pirated but the game’s developers say it isn’t a problem.

Speaking on a DarkZero podcast, as reported by Rock, Paper, Shotgun, Team Meat founders Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes said piracy could translate into sales.

“Our game was hugely pirated – we don’t f**king care,” they said.

“If there are let’s say 200,000 copies of Super Meat Boy that are getting passed around for free, that’s 200,000 people who are playing the game. 

“If they like this game there’s a really high probability of their friends coming around and seeing it or posting about it on their blogs. And it’s not cool to say they really like a game they stole, so they’re not going to say that. So it’s going to come around to sales.”

Super Meat Boy was originally a browser-based Flash game that made the leap to Xbox 360 and PC download platforms such as Steam. The platformer has been downloaded over 600,000 times.

Lace Mamba Global is publishing a boxed release of Super Meat Boy in the UK on August 26th.


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Hhhmmm, not sure that those pirating a game see it as stealing as such.
i've had too many conversations (arguments) with friends and acquaintances on this subject in the past. the general feeling is that they are getting a game for free, rather than it having fallen off the back of a lorry or being dodgey.
With that in mind, they'll have no problem with 'acquiring' future games from Team Meat. To assume that they will pay for the next game having pirated/stolen/acquired the first is flawed in my opinion.

Chris Walton

Chris Walton INDUSTRY
Jul 20th 2011 at 12:58PM

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