Tencent F2P FPS Crossfire made $950m in 2013

Craig Chapple
Tencent F2P FPS Crossfire made $950m in 2013

Tencent's free-to-play shooter CrossFire brought in revenues of nearly $1 billion in 2013.

That's according to research from SuperData which found that the SmileGate-developed title brought in over 50 per cent more revenue than Riot Games' hugely successful MoBA League of Legends - also published by Tencent - which took $624 million last year.

According to the data, Nexton's Dungeon Fighter Online was the third most popular free-to-play title, bringing in $426 million, followed by World of Tanks which took $372 million. EA's Star Wars: The Old Republic also made the top ten, and is said to have generated $139 million in revenue last year.

Develop has more details.


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