Tesco launches 'VAT free' sale

Ben Parfitt
Tesco launches 'VAT free' sale

Online retailer Tesco Direct has launched what it describes as a 'VAT free' 20 per cent off sale that offers some significant savings on a range of gaming hardware.

The headline saving is probably the £50 it has cut off the price of a Slim PS3 160GB, which can be purchased online for just £196.

There's alas £30 off the price of Kinect, meaning the Xbox 360 camera and a copy of Kinect Adventures can be had for just £99.99.

The Black Wii and Motion Plus controller has seen £36 slashed of its price, meaning it's available for just £143.20.

There are also a range of DSi consoles priced at £99.99.

To see the full sale click here.


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