Testology triumphs at Xbox 360 Games 5s

Christopher Dring
Testology triumphs at Xbox 360 Games 5s

Yesterday was truly a great day for football. In a performance brimming with skill, passion and pride, Testology won this year’s MCV & Xbox 360 Games 5s. Oh, and England beat the mighty Slovenia.

Bethesda were losing finalists in the Cup competition, while in the Plate, Sumo Digital beat Ubisoft in the final. The top scorer on the day was Centresoft’s Michael White, while the player of the tournament was Dwayne Buck from Rocksteady.

Along with the cup and the glory, the entire Testology team went home with a brand new slim Xbox 360 and a 12 month Xbox Live account. A donation of £1,000 was also made to Cancer Research on their behalf.

Played under a blazing Barnet sky, the MCV & Xbox 360 Games 5s attracted teams from the market’s biggest companies, including Sega, Konami, Gem, Centresoft, Disney, Amazon, Codemasters, Activision and Sony.

As for the co-hosts and sponsors: well, the Xbox team topped their group but then went out at the last 16 stage and MCV, well, following the lead of North Korea, we will be... sparing in our reporting. Our Dear Leader insists.


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