That girl from Atari, the boy from THQ...

...the loadsamoney hunks at GAME. They'll all be at the speed-dating event of the year. And so could you be if you email

This is your last chance to get along to the Singles 2 launch party, taking place at the Onanon Club in Piccadily Circus on Thursday June 9th. Everyone there will be single.

And all you need to do is send in your name and attach a picture of yourself. Or maybe the name and a picture of the shy one in your office.

Watch out for the list of 'available' industry people in MCV on Friday June 3rd. And if you don't fancy anyone in the games industry, you can have a crack at the castaways from Celebrity Love Island instead. They will all be there, waiting to meet you.

So don't delay, email It might just change your life.


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