The new £1,500 Cave game

Ben Parfitt
The new £1,500 Cave game

£129.99 not expensive enough for you? How about $300? No? How about a brand new version of Cave shooter Akai Katana for £1,500? Yep, thought so.

Cult developer Cave has begun selling some of its titles on a PCB board (as they would be supplied to arcades) to home users, who will need a JAMMA control box or arcade cabinet to play them.

The first title on offer is Akai Katana, and at around £1,500 it's certainly not for those with a passing or casual interest in the genre.

The PCB differs from the original model in that it has a greater range of difficulty modes, full stage select and is permanently set to free play. It also comes with a poster and a specialist sword-shaped screwdriver for adjusting the volume.

Got money to burn? Head over to the Cave store.


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