Thinking outside the Xbox

Thinking outside the Xbox
We have over six million gamers on our Xbox Live service where people can chat, play games, download movie or music videos and participate in rich community and entertainment experiences in an incredibly easy and friendly way.

Xbox 360 is incredibly good value. There’s as much power under the hood as PlayStation 3, but we’re at a great price point, which starts at around £199.99 for a core pack. And we’re delivering a superior gaming and entertainment experience.

With Xbox 360, a priority for us is about giving the consumer choice. You can personalise your console with new faceplates if you want to. You can add a hard drive or buy one as standard in a bundle, depending on what you want to do with your console and games. You can get onto Xbox Live free.

You can add on a High Definition movie player if you want to, or not – it’s all about choice, personalisation and great gaming and entertainment experiences for you and your friends.
HD-DVD and Blu-Ray are very new formats.

Early signs are that HD-DVD is doing very well, but right now, I imagine general consumers will not want to rush to make the leap into high definition movies. Rather than burden consumers, forcing them to buy technology that they probably don’t want (as with Playstation 3 and Blu Ray), with Xbox 360 we offer the consumers choice.

When they are interested and ready to move to HD Movies we offer the HD DVD player accessory.
In the US, we already offer a HD Movie and HD-TV download service direct to your Xbox 360 via your broadband line. So whenever consumers are ready, we’re here for them with a great solution.
Make no mistake, there’s a lot of power under the hood of the Xbox 360, but the way the service and the games combine delivers a truly compelling experience.

Games are at the centre of how we approach Xbox 360, and we have the biggest, broadest portfolio of next generation games available, that no other platform comes close to delivering.
As well as being the best-selling next generation console and leader in the online community, we also lead the way with the best range of video games.

There’s something to suit every age and every taste with over 160 games available today, including many great arcade or family classics on Xbox Live Arcade. And there’s lots of amazing games coming soon, including big blockbusters such as Guitar Hero II, Forza Motorsport 2, Mass Effect, Virtua Tennis, and of course GTA 4 and Halo 3.

In fact, the ONLY place you’ll be able to play ALL these great games, and more, is on Xbox 360.
And parents can rest easy – our family settings on Xbox 360 are unparalleled, enabling parents to feel comfortable that their kids will have access to ONLY the games that they feel are appropriate.


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