This is Living trailer unveiled

Head over to to watch Sony’s ambitious PS3 trailer, featuring Kovac (pictured). The version on the site today will be hitting TV screens from March 16th.

The creative has already been running in cinemas since Friday alongside films like 300 and Hot Fuzz, but has not been available online until now.

The unveiling follows MCV’s exclusive report on PS3’s marketing campaign last week, which boasts a planned 400 in-store displays in the UK, and an overall media spend of a whopping £6 million. The TV campaign is to target 44 million TV viewers, with 12m cinemagoers and 40m web users also part of the marketing plans.

“We want to review the emotional relationship between consumers and the PlayStation brand,” Duncan told MCV. “The ‘This is Living’ campaign is designed to promote a rational role for the PS3 in people’s lives.”


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