THQ Worms onto handheld

July 18th by Ben Parfitt

The thought of carrying worms with you wherever you go is fairly disgusting, unless of course these worms are contained in your DS or PSP and are made by Team 17.

THQ has finalised an agreement with the UK developer to bring the much-loved Worms franchise to both Nintendo’s and Sony’s handhelds. Fans of the series, which has sold over nine million units to date, will be pleased to hear that all of the action is to appear in 2D, and according to THQ it will retain the celebrated gameplay and sense of humour that distinguishes the brand.

Despite this, the title is not a port and is being built with brand new code featuring 3D backgrounds and zooming. The DS version will use the touch screen for map-scrolling whilst the PSP version will make full use of the large 16:9 screen. Both versions will also include wireless multiplayer.

“The pick up and play gameplay is the ideal formula for the PSP system and the Nintendo DS formats,” commented THQ’s senior vice president of worldwide marketing Peter Dillie.


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