Three versions of Halo 3 to hit retail

Consumers will have the choice of the standard edition, limited edition and the package dubbed as the “ultimate collector’s item", the ‘Legendary’ edition.

Released in limited quantities, the Legendary edition will come in a Spartan helmet case boasting two bonus disks of additional content. They include a hi-def ‘Making of Halo 3’ documentary and several other features based on the title’s development and early concept designs. There’s also remastered cinematic material from its Halo and Halo 2, and on top of that, it also comes with storyboard art.

Owners of the Limited edition will get one disk of bonus content, while the standard edition includes just the game itself.

It is another extra nugget of info to emerge from the Microsoft camp ahead of what could be Xbox 360’s defining title. Halo 3 is still penned in for an Autumn release.


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