Tim Langdell loses EA lawsuit

James Batchelor
Tim Langdell loses EA lawsuit

Tim Langdell and his Edge Games studio has lost the case against EA over the use of the term “Edge”.

Court documents show a ruling that has denied the developer’s motion for an injunction against the publishing giant, according to Industry Gamers. The documents reveal the court believes Langdell made fraudulent statements to the US Patent and Trademark Office – something EA alleged last month.

The court goes on to add that it strongly believes that Langdell is “suspect” and has been “trolling” the games industry for licensing opportunities – to the extent where his actions might warrant “criminal penalties”.

According to a spokesperson, EA is “pleased with the opinion issued by the court”, adding: “We hope that this case serves as a milestone in protecting independent developers from nuisance litigation.”

It was first suggested that Langdell could lose this case back in March. With this ruling, it looks like we could finally see an end to the developer’s plethora of lawsuits against any firm using the term “Edge” in its titles.


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