Titanfall "doesn't touch" on-disc DLC

Ben Parfitt

Respawn's community manager Abbie Heppe has empathised with gamers who frown on on-disc DLC.

Heppe also confirmed that it’s not a strategy that the Respawn team has utilised.

"I totally get that," Heppe told OXM when asked if she understood why on-disc DLC is a “thorny issue”.

Added Heppe: “Nobody wants to have a disc and then have something that's unlocked on the disc and be like 'why are you charging me for something that you shipped with the game?'

“We don't touch that; that is scary community territory.”

Three DLC packs have been confirmed for Titanfall, all of which are available through the game’s £19.99 Season Pass should gamers chose to invest.

"We're also going to do free updates, private matches and stuff we're going to be adding in for users and not charging for,” she added. “I understand why I probably should have an answer for that, but we're still trying to figure out that sort of stuff internally and some of that stuff comes from feedback from the community and what people want from launch."

Titanfall arrives on Xbox One and PC this Friday (March 14th) in the UK. 


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