Toshiba plans HD-DVD price cut

Ben Parfitt
Following a torrid week that has seen Warner defect to Blu-Ray and other studios, such as Paramount and Universal, waiver in their support, CNN Money claims that Toshiba is planning to slash the price of its HD-DVD players as it attempts to prevent defeat at the hands of Blu-Ray.

Three standalone HD-DVD players are set to see their RRP slashed by up to 50 per cent, with the base model, the HD-A3, falling to just $150.

The firm is also planning a heavy-duty TV, print and online advertising campaign to promote the format.

Toshiba America's group vice president of digital audio and video Yoshi Uchiyama stated: "While price is one of the consideration elements for the early adopter, it is a deal-breaker for the mainstream consumer."


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