Tough times? Industry spends $100m on E3

Following consultation with sundry exhibitors, visitors and event firms, it’s believed that over $50m alone has been spent by publishers, developers, service companies and format holders on booths, including space and build costs, but excluding staff expenses.

International visitors are believed to have forked out a staggering $22m on travelling to LA, hotels and attending the Convention Center. And this doesn’t include the cost to US visitors of the show.

Factoring in parties, drinks receptions, celebrity PAs and PR ‘stunts’, it’s easy to see that the total spend by the industry will have topped $100m.

More than 400 exhibitors make up E3 2006, representing some 90 countries. The 540,000 square feet the show covers is equivalent to an area of 40 Olympic-sized swimming pools. More than 5,800 flat screen computer and TV monitors will have been seen on the show floor.


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