Toy firm rolls out sound seats

The UK company, which has a strong background in the kids’ board game and leisure markets, has already launched its Pyramat ‘sound seats’ to great success in the US, and now it plans to invade retail this side of the Altantic.

The unusual new games accessories house surround sound speakers and rumble functionality primarily intended to give games a more immersive experience.

“We know it’s doing really well in the US,” said Re: Creation MD Seth Bishop. “It’s really working across a wide range of retailers, not just specialist games stores. There’s gadget and gizmo-type websites and even furniture stores. Of course it is finding particular favour with gamers, but it works well with DVDs and MP3 players too.”

With the likes of Argos and already stocking Pyramat in the UK, Re: Creation intends to expand its offering further as it moves into the games space.

“We’re taking it further too, we’re currently involved in a number of presentations to game creators to put together some joint promotions, and we’re also talking to specialist retailers," added Bishop. "We’ve got some exciting things coming. The two products already released will be followed with new models with even better technology – they’ll be able to respond specifically in different areas of the seat.”


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