Trilogy launches new indie-focused division

TRILOGYi has been established with a dedicated team to provide telesales, marketing and distribution services to the indie ahead of a number of announcements regarding new exclusive label signings by the Hertfordshire firm.

MCV revealed late last year that the firm was set to expand outside of providing logistics, to take on the big four distributors of Centresoft, Pinnacle, Gem and Koch (MCV 1/12).

Key to the TRILOGYi offering will be an online portal. Retailers will be able to download a wide range of materials designed to keep them informed about games titles and to help them better plan and manage stock orders. Sales and marketing materials will be made available and the portal will also provide a platform for independent retailers to chat to one another.

“Independent retailers are a key contributor to the national sales success of the UK video games market,” said Trilogy’s managing director Matthew Allen. “Like our customers we are independent and we will be combining our efforts to ensure that this sector gets the focus it deserves.

“TRILOGYi will cause a shake-up in the market and we’re deploying our strong management team to bring fresh ideas to both sides of the business. We are in discussions with a number of well-known games companies who have also recognised the problems that we are solving with TRILOGYi.”


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