Trion: Rift launch is only the beginning

Ben Parfitt
Trion: Rift launch is only the beginning

The release of Rift marks the start of a new era for up and coming MMO publisher Trion Worlds.

Arriving on shelves today (Friday, March 4th), the game is the company’s first release and culminates five years of work on its unique MMO infrastructure.

Promotions kicked off in October, targeting core MMO communities and PC Gamers, through a mixture of online and print advertising.

The online ads alone have achieved over 250m impressions across key European gaming and lifestyle sites.

“Rift is just the beginning for Trion,” European marketing consultant John Davis told MCV. “We are not only launching our first triple-A gaming franchise, we are also launching our game, network and digital sales platforms.

“A great deal of planning has gone in to making sure we continue to invest heavily to attract new players to Rift.”


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