Twitch, Crytek and Amazon confirmed as first speakers for Develop Conference 2014

Greg Lockley
Twitch, Crytek and Amazon confirmed as first speakers for Develop Conference 2014

Nine of the biggest brands in the games industry have signed-up to speak at this year’s Develop Conference in Brighton.

Leading the new speakers is Twitch, as regional director EMEA Stuart Saw will explore the live streaming phenomenon and how developers can maximise the potential of their games on the platform.

Nickelodeon’s John Conlon will lead a discussion on the importance of utilising the second screen, how they’re used at different ages and development stages and what it could mean for broadcasters and app developers.

Meanwhile, Boss Alien’s Jason Avant will host a talk on how marketing is no longer something that happens outside of game development, but how gameplay itself has become a marketing tool to be taken seriously throughout the development process.

Elsewhere and other announced speaker will chair discussions on the hot topics of the development industry, including the rise of virtual reality, funding, new publishing methods and the psychology behind player interaction.

Also new for this year’s Develop Conference is a marketing track, free indie Boot Camp session and the inaugural Develop Game Jam.

"Games development is going through an exciting era of innovation and creativity,” said Andy Lane, managing director of Develop in Brighton organiser Tandem Events.

“From producing exciting and compelling content for new technology such as VR or next gen consoles to the increasing importance the role of the indie developer plays on the industry, there’s a lot to get excited about in 2014.”

"As always, Develop in Brighton will provide top class content designed to help developers from all spectrums of the industry. And being in Brighton also makes it a fantastic place for networking and sharing experiences with fellow developers which is always invaluable."

This year’s Develop Conference in Brighton takes place from July 8th to 10th at the Hilton Metropole. It kicks off with the Evolve Conference on July 8th and continues with the Develop Conference, Expo, Indie Showcase, Indie Dev Day, Boot Camp and Audio track throughout July 9th and 10th.

A full list of the confirmed sessions and speakers for the Develop Conference 2014 can be found below.


What Second Screens Really Mean

John Conlon, Nickelodeon


Creating ‘Sherlock: The Network’

David Varela, Freelance/The Project Factory


Designing for Virtual Reality

Patrick O’Luanaigh, nDreams



Super Sleep Fighter II : Hyper Edition

Gavin Strange, Aardman Studios


The You: Designing Tearaway around the Player

Rex Crowle, Media Molecule



Total Immersion: Music and Sound in The Chinese Room

Jessica Curry & Dan Pinchbeck, The Chinese Room


Panel: AAA Audio Attitude for Tablet and Mobile

Chair: John Broomhall



Indie Spirit, Under Control

Roberta Lucca, Bossa & Siobhan Reddy, Media Molecule


Three Years an Indie - An Adventure from Boxes to Clouds

Nick Baynes


23 Simple Steps for Publishing on PlayStation

Rob Clarke, Curve Digital



Game AI vs Real AI

Richard Evans, Versu


Lessons Learnt from Making a Hit Mobile Game with Unity 3D

David Jefferies, PaperSeven


Coding a Maya Production Pipeline with MetaData

Mark Jackson, Crytek



Why User Experience Design is a Must for Games?

Ella Romanos


Practical Advice for Turning a Promising Idea into an Award Winning Game

Kirsty Rigden, FuturLab Limited


Connected Audience: Practical Lessons on Twitch & Sharing

Claire Blackshaw, Climax Studios



Failing and Learning to be an Indie

Mike Bithell, Independent Developer


Tango Fiesta: From Indie Dream To Published on Steam

Andrew Smith, Spilt Milk Studios


How Publishers Help Indie Devs Tackle the Freemium Conundrum

Ed Rumley, Chillingo


Indie Bootcamp

Why Being Indie Means Business

Simon Bennett, Roll7


Blast Off: How to Get a Game Startup Off the Ground

Russ Clarke, West London Games


How to Build a One Man Band

Nicoll Hunt, I Fight Bears



Being Mike Bithell - The Best Way to Develop Your PR Alongside Your Game

Simon Byron, Premier


How to Maximise a Games Streaming Potential

Stuart Saw, Twitch


The Business of Designing Games

Jason Avent, Boss Alien



Player Driven Development – 10 Ways to Leverage Your Community to Give Them a Better Game

Phil Mansell, Jagex Game Studios


Managing the Creative Process for a AAA Production

Sebastien Ebacher, Ubisoft Montreal


Remote Work the Indie Way

Eduardo Jimenez, Eclipse Games


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