Ubi’s Driver to park on PSP in March

Driver 76 is a prequel to the last Driver, Parallel Lines, which was released on Atari’s label in March, 2006. The new title was created by Sheffield-based studio Sumo Digital in conjunction with original Driver developer Reflections. It features 27 new missions exclusively designed for Sony’s handheld.

The game is set in the mid 1970s and spans New York from Coney Island to Jersey. Multiplayer modes include street racing and destruction derby.

Ubisoft acquired the Driver franchise from Atari in July last year 2006, after buying out the Reflections studio for $24 million (€19 million).

CEO of Ubisoft Yves Guillemot said at the time: “This allows us to enter into the driving games segment, one of the most important segments in the gaming industry. With more than 14 million units sold throughout the world, Driver is one of the most successful brands in the history of video games.”


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