Ubisoft full year revenues top $900m

Ubisoft outstripped its minimum sales target for the fourth quarter of its fiscal year to March 31st, 2007 by a whopping €45 million ($61.1m).

The figure brings the publisher's full year sales for fiscal 2006-2007 up to €680 million ($924.6m), which represents a jump of 24.4 per cent compared to the €547 million ($743.8m) reported for 2005-2006 – or 27.2 per cent at constant exchange rates.

The firm's total revenues for its Q4 stood at €197 million ($268.9m) – up 37.4 per cent year-on-year, or 41.7 per cent when constant exchange rates are taken in to account.

Full year profits have now also been revised, and are expected to be in the region of €37.4 million ($50.9m).

Key game releases Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles sold over one million units in the quarter, with both titles taking the one spot in the ChartTrack All Formats chart.

The publisher’s market share in Europe has now climbed to 8.6 per cent, up one per cent compared to Q1 2006. And it is a similar story in the US, where its market share grew 0.6 per cent to 6.7 per cent in the same period.

As a result, Ubisoft has now raised its sales targets for 2007-2008 to approximately €800 million ($1.08 billion) – a hike from its previous forecast of between €750 million ($1.01 billion) and €766 million ($1.04 billion).

The company said that the first half of the financial year is likely to account for a larger portion of its sales, and now expects the first half of 2007-2008 to be up 71 per cent to approximately €120 million ($163.2 million).


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