Ubisoft gets Lost

A report by Variety clams that the first game is set to be released next year, whilst predicting that it could turn into a blockbuster franchise for Ubisoft.

“Our experience with CSI opened our eyes to the potential of games based on TV shows,” said Pascal Bonnet, Ubisoft’s director of licensing. “Sales of games based on movies tend to peak for the three months around the film’s release, but a game based on a TV show can sell for up to six months and you’re not committed to coming out by the theatrical release.”

ABC/Touchstone’s senior VP Bruce Gersh added: “We’d like to fully integrate the series’ creative team, from writers to composers to set designers and stylists, so that we create an extension of the television series that is organic and extremely compelling for the fans of Lost.”

MCV first revealed that a Lost game was being negotiated back in September 2005.


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